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Echidna and the Dress is collaboration between Troy Eaton, his family and Stu Campbell as a part of Big hArt’s Yijala Yala Project. The story is based on true events from Troy’s life, exploring the cultural and spiritual connection between himself, his Nanna, an echidna and his country.

Troy is a Njamal and Nyangumarta man who grew up in Yandeyarra community in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. According to Troy’s grandmother, the Nyangumarta people believe every individual has come from at least one Totemic Being, and these help define a person’s origins and connections with the world and their relationships with the past, present and future.

Troy is fond of sitting around the campfire sharing stories of his past and culture to his family and friends. The Echidna and the Dress is one of his favourite stories.

This story was created with the support of Troy’s family. Troy’s son Troy Troy performed the voice of the narrator in the story. Troy’s wife Denise Smith, Troy’s mother Doris Eaton and aunty Evelyn Mitchell have been invaluable informing the story culturally and historically. The colouring of the story was done in collaboration with the young people from Roebourne.